Sunday, July 5, 2009

After Obama - The Reporting On Total American War Casualties Has CHANGED

3 British soldiers killed in southern Afghanistan

(Note: The link describes the article that I am looking at in the printed edition about 2 American soldiers that were killed. A typo in the link has it pointing to a story about 3 British soldiers that were killed.

Unlike the story about the dead American soldiers, the story above does give the total of 174 British soldiers killed in Afghanistan since the start of the war.

Where as I learned from "Worldview" on PBS that America is approaching 1,000 soldiers dead in Afghanistan - this number is rarely tabulated in the current reports coming out of Iraq or Afghanistan.

Over the past few years were were inundated with tallies of dead American soliders - to accompany the Anti-War rallies. Today - CHANGE HAS COME!!!

Not only have the Anti-War Protests gone away - despite the wars continuing - these tallies are no longer provided to give Americans a global summary of the impact of these wars.

Its not like the news media seeks to damage the president any longer.

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