Friday, June 12, 2009

Rev Wright: Those Damned Jews

Rev. Wright Tries to Explain Away Remarks

The analysis of this latest round of foolishness from Rev Wright is important.

On the one had BECAUSE the normal attack merchants in the news media have no interest in linking their guy Barack Obama to his pastor of 20 years - this story is not going anywhere. You had better believe that if there was a "Crazy Uncle" who formed the views of a popular conservative that the NY Times and MSNBC would be pumping this story.

Secondly Wright with his clarification is back within mainstream leftist rhetoric. Bashing the "Zionists" is a common rant on the left.

BUT WAIT A MINUTE. He said "Those Jews aren't going to let him access Obama". Exactly what "Zionists" have access to Obama's appointment calendar? So even the repositioning does not hold water.

It is ONLY the non-interest in this story by the mainstream media that will allow this inconsistency to go unnoticed.

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