Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pew Research - Media Driving The Obama Love Fest

More Positive Coverage than Clinton or Bush

I was thinking the other day - "I have not seen any reports indicating ' X number of US troops have died in Iraq or Afghanistan since Obama has become the Commander In Chief' ".

I also noticed that despite the fact that the two wars are still going on.....we have not been bombarded with news about the carnage as we had been treated to just a short time ago.

Where as Jenean Garofalo suggested that the lack of spending protests against George W Bush was proof of the RACIST intent of the Tea Party people......few people have expressed "Intellectual Curiosity" regarding the sudden reduction in ANTI-WAR PROTESTS......despite the ongoing wars and the resulting deaths.

It comes as no surprise that the Pew Research organization has come up with the findings that it has.

I have been saying for a long while - There are many facts that are laying on the ground, waiting for attention. The job of the operative is to pick up the facts that allow them to substantiate their narrative. All the while there lies other facts upon the ground, waiting for publication.

Clearly the mainstream media of today has chosen to sculpt the news.

As wacky as the guy is I have to give credit to Ted Rall. He is the one of the few leftists that has noticed that THERE IS STILL A WAR GOING ON - just like Bush - and thus he has not stopped ranting. His other lefty buddies have "their president" in office. They stopped because they don't want to damage the guy they voted for.

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