Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Obama: Health Care Reform Will Be DEFICIT NEUTRAL

I am not mad at the man.

He is able to stand on a podium and tell a room full of doctors that his health care reform plan WON'T INCREASE THE DEFICIT.

His plan is to ask for HARD MONEY inputs on the front end and then promises of COST SAVINGS via reform on the BACK END.

We all know that Progressives love 'GOOD INTENTIONS' more than they do 'EFFECTIVE RESULTS'. Thus I surmise that Obama's words will be convincing enough for them DESPITE what the new congressional numbers are saying.

Obama Says:
Obama: Healthcare reform deficit neutral

But The Congressional Negotiators Say:
Senate health overhaul cost put at $1.6 trillion

But hey - what is a $600 billion gap among friends?

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