Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Excuse Me Mr Obama. Do You Remember Those Police Recruits In Columbus Who's JOBS You Saved?........

Columbus Dispatch: Police Chief Warns Of Deep Cuts: If voters turn down the income-tax increase in August, Distelzweig says he would be forced to cut 75 detectives, shut down motorcycle and freeway units and pull police from 17 Columbus high schools

Well it appears that not only this new class of cadets have their jobs at risk......the city may need to snatch away cadets from classes several years earlier.

Think about it all, President Obama.

IF Columbus OH and other places are having to RAISE taxes now in order to retain their present standard.....what do you figure will be the NATIONAL TAX situation at the FEDERAL level a few years from now as the economy seeks to digest all of your SPENDING?

The funds that were to fund your "Middle Class Tax Cuts" are likely to be stripped out by Congress making it further unlikely that you'll be able to follow through on your campaign promise for such cuts.

The revenues collected from cigarettes to pay for your expanded SCHIP program are down both because of the economy and the heightened taxes have motivated people to stop smoking.


Mr. and Mrs John Q Public - Does it all add up to you? Or are you still "enchanted" by HOPE and CHANGE?

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