Monday, May 18, 2009

Obama Tells Catholics To Shift Toward His Side And Reduce Abortions

When you have an ABSOLUTE stance on an issue - is someone who tells you to accept a few violations of this absolute respecting your position?

If my religion says that drinking alcohol is a sin - does someone who comes along and seeks to have me take fewer drinks a week a respecter of my religious faith? Or is he an accommodationalist?

As a Christian, non-Catholic, my view is indeed that Abortion takes a being that would have grown into a full human form but for the molestation that it faced within the womb. I agree that there should be cultural based structures set up to REDUCE the numbers of abortions had each year. The intention of zero is more plausible than the actual achievement of zero abortions.

Again, however, THIS IS NOT THE DOCTRINE OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH. This church has a ban on abortions. Thus this is the point that those who agree with the tenants of the Catholic Church must start from. Not from a reductionary perspective as Obama has pronounced.

If Notre Dame is indeed a Catholic institution then the words of Barack Obama were an assault upon

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