Friday, May 22, 2009

Limbaugh Wonders If MSNBC Can Live For 30 Days Without Talking About Him

Olbermann responds to Limbaugh's 30-day challenge

Please note Keith Olbermann's response to Rush Limbaugh. Olbermann acts as if Limbaugh is pleading with his sorry network to "leave him alone". This is simply not the case.

Rush Limbaugh is not concerned about the series of attacks upon him by Democratic Party aligned operatives. He predicted it back in December. Rush Limbaugh addressed the question as to "Will the media that scrutinized Bush now shift to the Democrats who run the White House, US Senate and US House?". Rush Limbaugh said "NO! They are going to shift their attacks upon the REPUBLICANS who are out of power".

I don't always agree with Rush Limbaugh nor his tactics - but you have to give him credit for understanding how the liberal biased media works.

I did wonder what shows like "The Daily Show" and Steven Colbert's show would go after the Democrats just as they did the Republicans. I forgot to factor in the possibility that they would begin to target the "Right wing media" as they became the opposition to the more favored government in power. (Favored to the leftwing operatives that is).

I some times stomach the MSNBC evening content. What Rush Limbaugh says is true. Just as my friend BET Uncut does - they scrutinize Conservatives regardless of their status in power. Yes one can argue that Fox News does the same thing. The caliber of these two networks could not be more distinct, however. Where as Fox News gets the attacks by the left for being biased at least they have far more substance and depth in their analysis. I long to see Keith Olbermann even invite a LIVE opposition guest on his show to have a debate.

The only conservatives on Keith Olbermann's show are on video tape. Then he invites a live left winger to rebut the tape.

For the record - this is coming from ME - a Conservative who records "Democracy Now" and who is on the record for being a fan of LinkTV. I purchase and read "International Social Review" magazine and other left wing sources that are displayed on the shelves at "Borders Books".

I have said plenty of times - I think that "Democracy Now with Amy Goodman" is far more credible than the shows on MSNBC as they are carrying out a mission of what they ACTUALLY BELIEVE. They attack everyone who violates their ideology. MSNBC is clearly carrying the water for the Democrats and their mission is to hit Republicans. I don't mind consuming left wing news. I just want quality. MSNBC is not quality.

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