Friday, April 3, 2009

Remember The Bush Era Claim That "Congress Should Not Be A Rubber Stamp For The Executive Branch"? The Democrats Have CHANGED

Democrats Rubber Stamp Record $3.6 Trillion Budget

When your main defense for growing the deficit by $9 trillion in 5 years is "well George W Bush ALSO doubled the deficit when he was president" others begin to realize that there is not much value in debating you. Instead they need to make sure that you never have control over them and their person.

This is why it is so important to debate NUMBERS with the ideological bigot rather than concepts like "doubling".

Evil Bush's "doubling" of the deficit = $5 trillion in 8 years

Good Guy Obama's "doubling" of the deficit = $9 trillion in 5 years

Good Guy Obama will "triple" the definit in 10 years.

Where as Bush's "harm to the nation" came via staunch debate, Obama's harm is being steamrolled in because the opposition is in such a weakened state.

The only hope is to show the progressives that instead of seeking "Obama victories" they need to focus upon the core integrity of this nation. This buget strikes a blow at this. It is the market in which these Treasury Bonds that back this debt that is going to provide the feedback via higher interest rates and a devalued dollar.

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