Tuesday, April 21, 2009

How Old Is The Somalian?

Since this blog AIN'T ABOUT OBAMA and AIN'T ABOUT MY PERSONAL views - I am forced to make a personal observation about the TARGET OF THIS BLOG!!!

Whereas there is a debate about the age of the surviving "Somalian Pirate" - the only one to not get shot in the head by American sharp shooters - Is he 16? Is he 18? Is he 19?.......since he has been brought to America and will be processed through the American legal system.........WHERE ARE THE USUAL SUSPECTS ON THIS ONE?

Last week I reported on the fact that this was the first time that I can ever recall the balance of the Black leftist establishment CHEERING as 3 White members of the "American authority" shot 3 Black men in the head, killing them dead. Indeed CHANGE HAS COME!!! These are some strange days indeed.

Again, since Abdiwali Abdiqadir Muse has been brought to American for prosecution in the American courts - one would figure that we would also hear the same spirited defense for this young man by the usual suspects.

  • WHY hasn't the administration absolutely confirmed his age?
  • WHY did the United States kill 3 minors, violently shooting them in the head?
  • WHAT was the rush? They already waited this long. WHY didn't they just wait the 3 out?
  • IS the punishment for KIDNAPPING MURDER?

Again - this blog is NOT about Obama. I intend to INSPECT the reactions from the "Obama Base" and remind them of their PERMANENT INTERESTS and their purpetual pursuit of JUSTICE.

I do not want you all to CHANGE that much from your old ways now that there is a favorable adminisration to you in power.


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