Sunday, April 12, 2009

CHANGE HAS COME - The Left Now Likes The US Military

Today All Of America seems happy about the news 20 miles off of the coast of Africa.

This is good change.

I would be remiss if I failed to note a sea change in the reactions by the left to the news that the US Military has used military force to KILL other human beings as it projected its forward power somewhere around the world. Today the various left wing blogs are abuzz about how the "Obama military" has skillfully targeted 3 bullets to the forehead of 3 Somali pirates who dared to try and hold an American ship and its captain up for ransom.

Those who are happy today did not demand that the Obama Administration get permission from the United Nations prior to acting in America's interests.

Many of those who are happy have yet to realize that if they had things their way the 50 caliber weapons generally used by snipers would be outlawed from manufacture.

This is indeed a good day for America!
As have other days been good.
The key difference about THIS DAY is that those who had been "Anti-America Americans" have come around because they now like the leader who is in the White House - even though the same American military power has been doing the same thing.

(Shssssss Don't Tell Them That They Have Changed. I like them much better this way)

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