Saturday, April 11, 2009

Black Folks Living Vicariously Through The Obamas Please Make Up Your Damned Minds

A few weeks ago upon seeing the first lady of the United States being pictured in a British newspaper donning a rake within the garden of her new house one particular Black person was upset and he started an Internet campaign to get "offended Blacks" to target the Rupert Murdoch owned newspaper in the UK for such an offense.

Now it seems that we have another picture of the "First Gardner In Chief" in her garden but it is being used for a different purpose.

It seems that Mrs Obama is driving home the notion of "organic gardening" and this has certain people upset. They are claiming that by driving the focus toward organic gardening that she is hitting against chemicals used in the gardening process as being harmful.

Thus my question - IF indeed gardening is Mrs Obama's love - why is it so problematic to some people to see her pictured in a gardening setting?

It is inextricable that for some Blacks - seeing Mrs Obama in the garden shows her as a "domestic". Oh how happy they are when she is seen as a "fashion model". Let the "media" show her full dimision beyond this and there is a problem.

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