Monday, February 9, 2009

US Cole Mother Regrets Her Vote For Obama

All of the payoffs for his leftwing base has consequences upon people.

The Obama Administration dropped the charges against a terror suspect involved in the US Cole bombing. Woman who's son died in the US Cole bombing refused to accept the invitation from President Obama.

(Note: I am not gloating in this news. For me - it is simply evidence that when you actually are in the SEAT OF POWER - you have to make decisions. There is no way that everyone is going to like you after 4 years of decision making.

It is just so ironic where as the Bush Administration erred on the side of saying "F the terror suspects" and thus imprisoned more people than it should have and they were duly attacked by the media - the Obama Administration is treating this like a domestic criminal proceeding and he is functionally saying "F the families of the USS Cole victims". Given the choice I would look out for the families and say 'F the Left wing news media")

I assure you that this Black woman will not be seen on the Keith Olbermann Show on MSNBC.


StillaPanther2 said...

First of all I am a combat veteran from the war that did not personalize the "killed in action". I feel sorry for the lost of any person in these wars that are conducted for reasons unknown or that catch-all "fighting terroist" Back to the lady that lost her son. Evidentally they (US Gov) had not the evidence. They have held these people for darn near a decade. We are not an unlearned society- after 5-6 to 8 years someone should have gathered info to try these people. Personally being a part to lies during the VN war, I feel that they don't want to try these people for fear of showing the world the true misstreatment of a lot of the people that they have held for so long. How would you feel if someone come and take you far from home and keep you caged up for a decade only because "they can"? That mother should be demanding to see what proof they have for the people being released. Also this may be insensitive but where is the sorrow for the innocent people that we dropped bombs on. Her son is part of a killing machine and if you declare war on a terroist and he gets the ups on you you should not be trying to "get him in payback"- that's war.. President Obama has inherited a lot of "mess" that President Bush refused to take care of during his term. The lady should be camped out on GWB lawn asking for why he left so much mess about what happen to her son. Again I am sorry for her loss. Maybe it would help if she/we were told what plans were to be used to depose of these combatants.

Constructive Feedback said...


Perhaps you should read the entire set of facts on Al-Nashiri

[quote]Al-Nashiri was one of three "high-value" al Qaeda suspects in custody that outgoing CIA Director Michael V. Hayden said last year had been "waterboarded" in 2002 and 2003 in CIA secret prisons.

At his confirmation hearing Thursday, Mr. Obama's nominee to head the CIA, Leon Panetta, said that he considered waterboarding to be torture. Al-Nashiri has said that he confessed to certain charges because he was tortured.[/quote]

Me personally? I have less of a concern about the purported torture of non-American terror suspects. The Obama Administration is seeking to apply domestic legal rights to non-Americans who are committed to do what is necessary to destroy this country.

I am just happy that the views of the families of the victims has been aired to show that NOT EVERYONE is drinking the Koolaide.