Thursday, February 5, 2009

Editorial Cartoonists - After Obama

SOME Editorial Cartoonists Are Having A Hard Time Hitting Directly At Obama

My, my, my - what do we have here?

Since this blog is NOT about Obama but about YOU ALL - let's analyse this issue.

Obama is president of the United States just like the 43 men who preceeded him.  What about Obama or the people who pick up the pen to draw him makes him such a difficult subject to caracature?

Certainly it is not his physical features - they admit in the article that his big ears lend themselves to exageration.

There are 2 key points in my view:

  1. The ideological bias of the artists in question.  What value do they have in firing vollies at "Their Guy"?   There is none.  Rush Limbaugh was correct that now that the left wing attack machine which calls for "accountability" has a favorable president in office they are going to turn their attacks upon the "Right Wing Media" instead.  In watching Mike Lukovich - he indeed functionally works on behalf of the Democrats as he has turned his ink pen upon the congressional Republicans.  I guess he forgot who is in POWER now
  2. Obama being the first Black president is like "Martin Luther King Jr" with official powers as an elected official.   Mathmatically this simply cannot stand for 4 years.  The ELECTION can be seen as a historic event.  The treatment and expection from A SITTING PRESIDENT cannot be cast in such a way. Simply put they are going to do more to clear the way for Obama than these operatives will do to insure that he actually DELIVERS UPON that which they have demanded.   
Sadly if after 4 years the key attainments that progressives seek is not delivered by President Obama they will blame "Republican obstructionism" rather than failed execution.   

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