Friday, February 13, 2009

The "Dog Ate My Homework" Party Delays The Transition To Digital Television

Obama signs bill delaying digital TV switch

In my personal video documentary as I walked through various stores it was clear to me that the problem with certain people not being prepared for the switch to Digital Transmissions on February 19th was not that there was a shortage of converter boxes in the market. Everyone place from Wal-Mart to Best Buy to even Rite Aid Drugs have converter boxes for sale. It is not a shortage of boxes that is the problem.

For a Party and a President who claims that the United States is behind in regards to broadband (which is a lie) it is telling that they support a delay in freeing up the 700Mhz radio spectrum which will be used for the next generation of wireless communications technology BECAUSE they are hung up on the fact that a small percentage of Americans failed to get the memo.

This is an ideological thing. Progressives seek to look out for the minority even if it means placing sanctions on the majority. More conservative people seek to maintain the prevailing standards of the majority with the consequences at times of rolling over the minority.

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uglyblackjohn said...

The delay is said to cost stations millions.
I have a bunch of rental homes. My renters are the poorest of the poor - but they all have their boxes (I hooked them up myself).
This move was just dumb and was intended to show a caring side of the admin. .