Saturday, February 14, 2009

Banks - Don't Take The Money!!! You Won't Have To Give Up Your First Born

Congress trumps Obama, cuffs CEO bonuses

Where as this issue is clearly a ranting that the left has been making for years, ultimately the banks which allowed themselves to get ensnared into the lair of the Democrats set themselves up for such a fall.

Why is it any surprise that the party of "Prosperity Through The Minimum Wage" would not logically also support a Maximum Wage? This is the ironic part about it - for the last several years people had been joking about a "Maximum Wage" and now we see how it is all transpiring.

Lesson to all capitalists - stay the HELL AWAY from the government and its money. The confiscatory left is going to surely TAKE your money and use it for their ends. When you as a business TAKE the government money - the terms for you are going to be very unfavorable.

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