Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Will Black Thug Entertainers Be Nicer - After Obama?

NBC’s “Today” — After getting a nod, she changed the subject to commerce: “But he knows what sells. You scare people.”
  50 Cent agreed: “I know I scare people. That’s actually my job. That’s why they buy my music. I scare them for $16.99, and they — and they buy the records and they’re entertained by it.” Gangel suggested it was all unreal, and therefore innocent. Does this woman fail to understand this guy was a crack cocaine and heroin dealer before being “discovered” by Eminem?

Sadly, when Gangel proceeded to ask young blacks whether President Obama or 50 Cent would be a stronger role model, most picked the rapper, as one said, “because he’s cool. I mean, he’s what’s in. Yes, the highest leadership position in American has changed, but society has still not changed yet.” Another added: “I do think that the life experiences of 50 Cent cannot be dismissed, and I think a lot of African-Americans can relate to 50 Cent’s experience.”

These kids still tried to pay tribute to Obama — by calling him “gangster.” It’s partially President Obama’s fault. He’s been very tight-lipped and cautious about disparaging rappers. He’s done it only when pressed, and always with great caution and tributes to rap artistry. He’s tried to display how he’s down with hip hop. He has copied Jay-Z’s moves and invited him to perform at a concert after the Inauguration for his staff party in Washington. What wonders he might work if President Obama would sound much more like Bill Cosby now that he’s standing in a powerful bully pulpit. But who will press him to try it?

Sorry lady, it ain't gonna happen.

For the majority of the Black community CHANGE HAS COME ALREADY.
Obama only needs to "stay Black", survive 4 years and FIGHT THE REPUBLICANS - (ie: turning back Bush policies).

What consequences will be placed on Obama if after 4 years:
  • The Black On Black Crime Rate is the same or higher?
  • Black Majority schools continue their same performance
  • Drug Thug Hip Hop recovers from their loses of CD sales as they shift to Streaming Music - pay for play?

This article shows that we have a Celebrity Culture.  As long as Obama does what the masses want him to do and never, never, never TELLS THEM WHAT THEY NEED TO HEAR, which just might be against what they WANT TO HEAR in the pretext of them CHANGING so that they can be more accomplished - all is well.

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Kold_Kadavr_flatliner, sub/dude said...

Whoops. Me, too. They also told me he could fly. But, yet, flying's only for Heaven and it doesn't look like the stanky BOs gonna git thar with alla the whorizontal worship. God blessa youse -Fr. Sarducci, ol SNL.