Thursday, January 15, 2009

When Will Obama Register His First Veto?

Recall when "Evil Bush" had a favorable balance in congress?
He was attacked for failing to register a VETO well into his presidency. 

It took a Democratic Congress for him to cast his first veto.

Question :  Will President Barack Obama who will have a Democratic House and a Democratic Senate cast a veto in the first 2 years of his presidency?  

Most improtantly since this blog is NOT about "Obama" but instead YOU ALL ......will you all ATTACK Obama in the same way for failing to cast a veto just as you did evil Bush?


uglyblackjohn said...

Attack Obama?
People just lost faith in Bush. He was no longer seen as their "friend". He was seen by many as one of "them".
Obama will get a pass for as long as Bush (one and a half terms).

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]People just lost faith in Bush.[/quote]


When you say "People" who do you speak of?

I am sure it is Americans in general.

Keep in mind that most of my comments are targeted toward "An Imaginary Liberal". (Its funny that some of my debate adversaries have made this case about it. I now admit that this is true.)

After years of my participation in message boards and blogs I have listened to a series of Liberals in general and Black Progressives in particular and certain news media outlets (certain CNN shows and MSNBC shows) make the case that since Bush had used his veto power only sparingly during his first term - he was NOT DOING HIS JOB as a balance AGAINST Congress.

Secondly I recall Lou Dobbs of CNN arguing that because the President, the House and the Senate were all Republican and the Supreme Court was a 5-4 conservative balance that the CHECKS AND BALANCES system had been destroyed.

I strongly disagreed with this argument. Checks and Balances is an institutional concept. If it just so happens that all of them are Republican/Conservative then the are all "writing the same checks".

Again - since I am evaluating all of this from the perspective of CONSISTENCY - I am asking if these same people who had a problem with the "blank check" that a one party government had wrought will voice the same protestations when their favored Democrats are exclusively at the helm

Keep in mind UBJ - for many, many Black Americans - the Democrats being in control of the national government must also be added to the local Democratic control.

Black residents of Baltimore, Newark, DC, Milwaukee and Chicago - are very likely to have 100% Democrats representing them in every single executive and legislative seat from their local city council member all the way up to the President - with Democratic majorities in each legislative chamber.

My key point is to ask - "When does their focus upon blaming the other guy shift over to ASKING QUESTIONS about 'their own guy' being that HE NOW is in 100% POWER of their destiny and yet they are STILL COMPLAINING?

My goal is NOT to have the Republicans replace the Democrats where they sit. My goal is to get BLACK FOLKS to push the Democratic Party outside of our RACIAL NUCLEUS and have them to compete for our interests. Not just with LEFT WING polices but more specifically - with a more varying set of policies that have been proven to be EFFECTIVE.