Sunday, January 18, 2009

The "Speak Truth To Power" Club Fails To Show Up @ Clinton's Hearings

Clinton received a "Friendly hearing" - says all that is needed to be said.

While credit must be given to the Pacifica Network for having no "Permanent Friends" when it comes to their fight against imperialism - a strange silence from left wing forces was heard as it relates to several key issues that threaten to compromise the integrity of our new Secretary Of State.

The disposition of the Progressive for the last 8 years was that they were the "integrity checkers" of our nation. The fact that tough questions were not being asked was a sign that their nation needed to be "taken back".

As I monitored MSNBC all week long in regards to their coverage and cheerleading in regards to the senate testimony of several cabinet members it became clear to me that there are two types of progressives.

The "Democratic Progressives" - MSNBC, etc
The "A-partisan Progressive" - Pacifica Network.

Don't get me wrong Pacifica would much rather have a Democratic regime in place than a Republican one. At the same time they are far more likely to take a Democrat to task than an embedded Democratic propagandist network is inclined to do.

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