Friday, January 23, 2009

Obama Will Believe In "Open Government" Up Until The Point When He Has A Track Record For His Adversaries To Use The Openness Against Him

Dr President Obama:

I don't agree with many of your policies.
I spend a considerable amount of time opposing your most avid defenders.

  • I need for the economy to improve lest you and the Congress continue to try and "fix it" in $350 billion increments of defict spending
  • I need for this nation to be safe so I am not hoping that your moves against Bush rather than against the terrorists prove flawed
More than anything, bro. - I need for you to realize that just because you are going to 'try hard' to CHANGE Washington DC - that it is DC that is going to determine its change. Not you. Do you recall that Jimmy Carter planned to "Change the culture in Washington as well"?

Mr President I saw your press conference the other day regarding signing statements. In the future it is better to allow your underlings handle the front line assignments. You see as your administration moves forth and you attempt to practice your "open government" mantra this is simply going to allow your political enemies to obtain all of the documents and then use them against you - particularly if and when what you had planned is not what ultimately turns out to be the case.

It is nice to hear about your goals regarding a ban on lobbyists. However, just as the lobbyist who sought to contribute to your campaign simply had their spouses make the contribution - these standards are porous at best. All you are doing is setting up the situation where people will do background checks of various personnel, make note of their past lobbying activities and then you will have a manufactured scandal on your hands, sir.

Take my advice Mr. Obama - drop the pretenses of "open government". You are basically handing out the shoes that will later be used to hit you.

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