Monday, January 26, 2009

New Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner Lived In "Rhodesia". No Worries The Usual Suspects Won't Mention It

I just watched as the new US Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner just was sworn in by Obama and Biden. No big deal.

Mr. Geither mentioned that his view of the world was opened because his parents took him to several places around the world to visit and live for short periods.

He mentioned that he stayed a short while in "Rhodesia".

To give you some background - when I jokingly called the modern day "Zimbabwe" its colonial name of "Rhodesia" the same people who have no problem calling their home country "AmeriKKKa" got highly upset at me for doing so.

As I heard Mr. Geither make reference to the nation's colonial name I could not help but to perk up at the mention.

You see there are one of two possible situations going on here.

Either Mr. Geither - a White American visited the nation of "Rhodesia" while it was under control of its former colonial rulers. The racist Ian Smith comes to mind. (I recalled this without even having to look it up.)

Mr Geither was born in 1961. He said he traveled to "Rhodesia" as a youth and thus since "Rhodesia" became "Zimbabwe" in 1979 it is very, very likely that Mr. Geither traveled to this nation while it was under "apartheid".

Let me be clear - am I attempting to proclaim "guilt by association"? NO. I think that such a thing is "yellow journalism".

Since this blog is NOT ABOUT OBAMA but instead is about seems fitting to point out the FRAUD that is present in the differing responses that will come from this news.

You see - If Mr. Geither had been an elderly, White Republican - does anyone doubt that this news of him, first of all making the Politically Incorrect statement of calling the nation "Rhodesia" EVEN IF IT WAS CALLED THAT WHEN HE LIVED THERE a sign that this White, conservative man gained the benefits affored to only Whites in this racist nation and thus he might still hold these views as it relates to his economic policies?

You see folks - most of my work is about exposing the NARRATIVE that gets assembled as people pick up bits of information and assemble it as part of their tale.

Why didn't Mr. Geither do a code switch, calling the nation "Zimbabwe" out of respect for those who are sensitive to the racist past of that particular nation?

It is all too interesting that people who have a certain agenda don't allow the lack of explicit words that can be deemed "racist" to prevent them from making reference to the SYMBOLISM of certain actions. Perhaps they might be inclined to inspect the symbolism of Mr. Geither's reference?

Sadly and shamefully - Robert Mugabe has mugged Black Africans just as bad as did their former colonial powers.

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