Monday, January 5, 2009

I Should Have Shut Up And Made Money Off Of The Obama Trinket Marketing Machine

There comes a point in time when an individual has to admit that he was wrong. I believe that I have reached this point with respect to the massive trinket marketing effort surrounding soon to be President Obama.

What I had previously viewed as an obsurd linkage between "the political realities" of a President and the "American Idol" type marketing effort which within the entertainment and personality space - I now see that these two points are intractably joined.

Instead of hating on the people who are marketing these items I need to instead see that they are simply FULFILLING CONSUMER DEMAND for these trinkets.  They are also making money all the while.  

I am at fault.

I should have decoupled my scrutiny and sensibilities from my observations and instead should have stepped in as a SUPPLIER - making money while making people happy.  This ultimately would have lead to my own happiness since I would have profited from delivering such as service.

The picture above is a snapshot of an SUV that I saw parked in a parking lot around town.  This person makes signs and was advertising his array of goods that are available for purchase.  Yesterday's "Noni Juice", "Pre-Paid Legal" and "Clean Up Your Credit - Ask Me How" is today's "Obama Posters Banners T-Shirts and Mugs".

Obama said that he would create 3 million jobs.  

I need to stop looking at how the sausage is being made and instead consider the finished product.

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