Friday, January 16, 2009

Government Officials Who Exit Goverment And Use Their Power And Influence To Make Millions - After Obama

Attorney General Nominee Eric Holder Great Personal Wealth

WASHINGTON - Eric Holder, President-elect Barack Obama's choice for attorney general, will earn $4.6 million from his law firm this year and next, including deferred compensation and a separation payment.

In a financial statement provided to the Senate Judiciary Committee and made public Wednesday, Holder said he will earn $2.1 million in partnership compensation this year from the law firm of Covington & Burling. He will receive another $2.5 million next year in deferred compensation, partnership earnings for work performed this year and a separation payment.

Holder's total assets are $5.7 million. He listed no liabilities.

He has $1.4 million in cash and in banks, $1.9 million in real estate and $1.3 million in pension-and-retirement savings plans.

Let me be 100% clear: I AIN'T MAD AT HIM

Besides - this blog AIN'T ABOUT OBAMA

All that I am asking for is CONSISTENCY in your most heart felt positions that you so doggedly state.

When it is seen that your positions are only applied to your ideological enemies then you go far in undercutting your own credibility.

After listening to various MSNBC commentators on their night time line up attacking the flood of Republicans who are about to exit the government and get big paychecks by using their power and influence in the private sector being exposed and is only "fair and balanced" to point out their silence on examples when people they find more appealing who did the same.

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