Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Brazile and Rove Agree - "Obama Reduce The Expectations" By Reducing The Hype

Karl Rove And Donna Brazile Agree - Obama Redirect The Expecations Of Your Base 

Two of the nation’s best-known political strategists — one Democrat, one Republican — agreed Monday night that President-elect Barack Obama should spend the next week trying to lower expectations about his highly anticipated presidency.

Democratic strategist Donna Brazile and GOP guru Karl Rove doled out advice, dissected the 2008 election, pontificated about Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s future and traded jokes at the annual dinner for the Georgia Chamber of Commerce at the World Congress Center in downtown Atlanta.

“Campaigning is one thing,” Brazile said. “You lay out your vision. Governing is a whole different thing. What he [Obama] must do for the next eight days is to manage expectations.”

“Right now expectations are off the chart,” she added.

Rove said some of those soaring expectations have been created by Obama himself. He said the president-elect has made a moving target out of the price tag for his economic stimulus plan. And the number of jobs the plan will create or save has moved from about 2 million to as high as 4 million.

“Some of that is of his own creation,” Rove told the 1,500 business and political leaders at the dinner.

Brazile and Rove are on opposite sides of the political spectrum, but off-stage are friends. The two were sharing a flight to London and then on to Africa after Monday’s appearance.

And their off-the-campaign-trail schtick is profitable. The two were paid $20,000 each for their hourlong chamber dinner appearance.

In my view the kissing cousin of the conservative who likes to make use of polarizing rehetoric in which some target of their angst is blaimed for all of the problems and thus used as a negative reference - is when the progressives do the very same thing.

With this in mind President Barack Obama has a difficult decision to make.  He is going to either placate his leftwing base by doing what he did in the primary - effectly saying "Well at least I didn't agree to invade Iraq......." when his opponent was gaining some traction upon him.  Or he is going to work to force his base to focus on what they need to do to be concious of their PRESENT and to focus on what they need to be doing so that their FUTURE under his leadership will be different.

The first major step on this road is to get people to deflate the hype balloon that swept him into office.   

Where as anger at George W. Bush might win his opponents an election - it certainly will not put food on the table 2, 3 or 6 years after the man has departed the White House and the grounds have been fumigated.

For me - this is a time at which I will be most observant of the character of the Progressive movement.  Unlike any other time in the past - they control the entire deck after their adversaries have imploded from their own hubris.  

The key difference between these two groups in my mind is that one of these two groups is seen as the establishment while the other is seen as the change agent AGAINST the establishment......even when they ARE the establishment.  Thus the poor, working class and unionized forces are not going to blame them even when they have the keys to the kingdom.

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