Monday, December 8, 2008

Will Obama's Smoking Draw Black People To Smoke?

Listen people.  I understand the sensitivity of this issue.  I recall several decades ago as a 4th grader walking past the teacher's lounge and, perish the teacher was smoking!!
I learned that day that she was human.  At that young age you don't believe that these teachers have a personal life or some personal flaws as part of their humanity.  Instead in their authoritative role - they are Gods!

During this time smoking inside of a public building was permissible.  But hell - my teacher was not the president!  Just as former first lady Hillary Clinton made the White House a "no smoking zone" Obama can reverse that rule if he chooses.  He is not just the president - he is the CHANGE PRESIDENT!!!  Change the rules to fit your habits President Obama.  Show people that you are indeed human.  (They have already accepted your other little white powder habit from your past - why would they treat this one any differently?)

Self thread jack:  Now that I think back to my 4th grade experience I just recalled jousting with a classmate named Oswald using a yard stick.  I broke his yard stick and this same teacher sent a note home to my parents about what I did.  When I showed my mother she gave me $1.50 to replace it.  When my mother told my father - I got a beating for it.  I also recall that Oswald's mother gave him the money yet he did not get a beating for it.  I thought that it was not fair that he got in less trouble than I did over the same indicent.  This incident showed me that the rules that I have to abide by in school are different than the rules that my classmates have to abide by EVEN IF their actions are in line with the standards of the school's dicipline code.  My rules were made higher per my parent's enforcement - something that is missing today in many people.  

In the back of my mind today - I sometimes discipline my son for the principle of him misbehaving in school and his mother and I receiving a note home from the teacher.   At times that one action is not the offense that triggers  the beating, in the context of the  aggregation of his behavior he needs to have some pursuasion to take a different course.

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