Monday, December 8, 2008

Some Black Leftist Blogs Remaining Consistent - Seek To Draw Obama Leftward

Some Black Leftist Blogs Remaining Consistent - Seek To Draw Obama Leftward

I have always made the distinction between the "Amy Goodwin" left and the Keith Olberman/Bill Mahr/ Jon Stewart Left. Where as the later are opportunists and don't believe what they say (in my opinion) the former are committed to what they believe and they live it. While I don't agree with them - I have to give them respect for their consistency.

The key distinction is between the left who are Democrats and the left who are committed leftists. The Democrats want their party to win and have a quest for power.

With this in mind I have to give grudging acknowledgement to the people at "Black Agenda Report". They have kept their scrutiny of Obama consistent. As I say in the title - Obama is as "right" as he is "left". This means - they agree with him as long as he maintains fidelity to their lefts perspectives. Obama, as with any other Progressive politicians doesn't have to be effective or actually deliver the promised benefits of his policies. He only needs to execute progressive-fundamentalist policies and thus he will be praised for his ATTEMPTS and INTENTIONS. This is all they ever ask for. Any abject failures of these policies will be passed off as evidence that an immovable object simply takes a bit more time and energy to move. They will go back for more later on, continuing their support as long as he stays loyal to them.

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In the cosmic black hole of Black Progressive politics - will we see some time in the future Black Democratic-Fundamentalists who are Obama loyalists launch an attack on the Black Extremist Progressive-Fundamentalists who stand to the left of them for attacking Obama just as the Obama camp attacked the Black Democratic loyalists who supported Hillary Clinton in the Black General election? (Sorry - I meant the Democratic Primary) This battle is all about fidelity to the progressive movement versus loyalty to the Democratic party which at times is more pragmatic in their ways.

Me personally - I would like to see both camps recommit to their claims to be in support of reform and advancement WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY. In doing so, at some point - they must be forced to acknowledge that they largely run things in our communities and yet our position has eroded or stagnated while under their rule. It is my view that Progressivism itself must be inspected to determine if it can move past its protestations and actually GOVERN, delivering the promised benefits to the aggrieved masses that got them into power in the first place.

In the mean time sites like Black Agenda Report will never go out of business because they will always look past the places where their ideology is ensconced and instead operate as mercenaries - going to put the next fire out in the name of progressivism, never having to remain affixed to the love child it crated.

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