Tuesday, December 23, 2008

MSNBC Assembles A Panel Of Favorable Economists Who Are Smitten In "Hope" In Economic Recovery Unseen

Amid gloom, signs of hope for economy in 2009; Msnbc.com panel says recovery could begin by midyear — if all goes well

The main goal for me during this period of time is to document the surprising change in fortune that certain media outlets will experience after the "CHANGE" which will happen on January 20, 2009.

Where as my debates with certain Internet adversaries have focused on them saying:
  • This is the weakest recovery on record after a recession 
  • Bush needs to create double the jobs that are currently being created

I fully expect them to get a new religion now that a favorable president is in office.  This time they want the economy to succeed so that their guy can look good.  As a result all of their talking points will follow suit.  

One of my focus words for 2009 (and I will document my process later on) is "Delta".   Delta represents the "rate of change" in calculus.  Likewise I intend to add some discipline and quantification around the concept of "change".  Turning this marketing sloagan into an actionable measurement of the effectiveness of certain policies.

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