Sunday, December 14, 2008

Anti-Smoking Groups Place Their HOPES On Obama's Nicotine Patches Working For Him

AJC: Anti-smoking groups hope Obama will be role model

Even more important, Obama keeps trying. "Relapsing is very common," Jorenby says, with a typical smoker making four to six attempts before getting it right. (Healton puts it even higher, at eight to 11 attempts.)

One common reaction to Obama's smoking is that it's a mystifying contradiction to the rest of his personality — to the famous discipline that keeps him working out every single day, and helped him run one of the more successful campaigns in U.S. politics.

Jorenby says such logic is a fallacy. "They're not mutually exclusive," he says of discipline and smoking. For one thing, a cigarette often helps smokers concentrate — one reason it's so hard to stop. "The thought of not being able to think clearly is terrifying to them," he says.

And also, people often ignore the fact that tobacco addiction is a chemical dependency. "This is not simply a bad habit that one uses willpower to stamp out," he says.

At least one observer says we all need to leave Obama alone. In fact, wrote Ron Rosenbaum on recently, our lives may depend on it.

Tongue in cheek, Rosenbaum imagines a day in the winter of 2009 when an international crisis has erupted. "Do you want Barack Obama, the guy who has his finger on our nuclear trigger ... all irritable, his nerves and famously smooth temper on edge?"

"Give Obama a break," writes Rosenbaum, who makes clear he's not advocating cigarettes for others. "A smoking break."

Not trying to start anything AND keeping with the ethos of this blog that "this AIN'T about OBAMA" but is about YOU ALL......I can only imagine that if there was a less favorable president, who is currently ADDICTED to nicotine and then he admitted that he use cocaine in the past - I have the funny feeling that certain operative groups would now be making the case that their adversary has "addictive tendencies" and thus his judgment needs to be scrutinized in this context.

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Kold_Kadavr_flatliner, sub/dude said...

Good post, brudda. I know why our puppet 'prez' is doing so (withe help of the Illuminati/Buildaburgers behind the scenes): to get U.S. 'in-tune' withe world (the path of the homo), thus, they can't procreate, they won't have any more babies, thus, EXACTLY what those filthy rich want: both send U.S. to Hell and less mouths to feed. DON'T THINK SO?? You're sooo behind the times (look-up 'Georgia Guidestones' on Google). God bless you.