Saturday, November 8, 2008

You Know Those Non-Negotiable Points That Blacks Used To Have? - There Gone A.O.

I have redoubled my effort to monitor the media sources that are directed toward Black people so that I can capture the key differences between their disposition over the "past 8 years" and now.

Where as I have always looked at the "civil rights community" (as defined by their blind commitment to JUSTICE) as being alligators with big teeth - ready to strike out against anything that violated their principles of justice and diversity in this society. I now get the sense that we are about to enter yet another interval in which this gator is flipped on its back and its stomach is stroked. This was the case with Bill Clinton. This is doubly the case with Barack Obama.

Remember - this blog is not "About Obama". This is an inspection of Black Folks "After Obama".

On Atlanta radio station WAOK I listened on Friday morning to the great amount of indoctrination and how things are being setup for their battle.

A Black female caller called in to slightly rebut the views of the host - Lorraine White. The caller said that DIVERSITY IN THE OBAMA CABINET if very important. His cabinet should look like America.

What came next amazed me and got me yelling at the radio.

"Dr White" said that at this point in time I am not worried as much about "DIVERSITY". I trust "My PRESIDENT" and I have faith in him that he is going to promote the most qualified people to the proper positions because he has good judgment as he has shown repeatedly".


So now we should go back to the various corporations who DO NOT HAVE DIVERSITY in their workforces and apologize to them! They too were simply promoting "the best people" into positions because "diversity is only secondary".

Next we had a caller that extolled the glories of Barack Obama "The People's President". It seems that Barack Obama has "non traditional leadership experience" per his work as a community organizer. In many ways this is more valuable than legislative experience. Gotcha lady!

Then a fast talking attorney who sounds like he is a frequent guest on the show called in. If there was ever a need for "The Fairness Doctrine" (which I do not support) this was it.

Here is the structure of the propaganda that is used by Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism-Chaser:

* Extol the glories of the Democratic Party at the National level
* By all means avoid at all costs noting the amount of domination that the Democratic party has over the places where Black depression is greatest
* Constantly attack the "National Republicans". There is not enough hammering that you can do
* Finish it off by making 2 negative references to Black Conservatives. "Clarence Thomas and Condi Rice" are "the gifts that keep on giving".

If this was my only source of news about the nation - I would likely be a liberal Democrat. Since it is not - I see through the antics of these people.

What I don't understand is how Thomas and Rice - two UNELECTED BLACK PEOPLE can form the basis of so much angst from these people - yet they say little of the Black and Democrats who preside over the points which bring them so much grief

* Public Education
* Public Safety
* Local Economic Development

For these operatives the ELECTION VICTORY ITSELF was the crowning achievement and the apex of their joy. When the legislative process kicks in and all of this is indexed with the real world events of - the economy, internal disasters and external conflicts - there is simply no mechanical way for them to maintain their empty exuberance.

My key frustration is with the ARBITRARINESS by which they operate from. Absent some objective set of measures and a clear set of goals - it is easy to become an operative that is part of the team - rather than making measure of the actual progress that your people are making.

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