Thursday, November 6, 2008

President Obama Will Ask The CIA To Release The Serum For AIDS

I monitor and record the "Bev Smith Show", the "Dr White Show" on Atlanta's WAOK and other left leaning broadcasts in order to maintain my connection with some of the popular theories that are rife within our community. Both of these talk show hosts either believe or do not challenge callers who promote the notion that THE US GOVERNMENT HAS CREATED THE AIDS VIRUS to destroy undesirable people.

First it was released upon the White gay male population. Next it was released in Africa. Now it is devastating Black Americans - gay and straight. Male and female.

I am not making light of this situation. PEOPLE ARE DYING.

What I am doing is asking the people who have been promoting these theories to MAKE USE OF THE PRESIDENT WHO 'STANDS ON YOUR SIDE'.

Tell PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA that come January 21 after he and his wife have "measured the drapes in the White House" that the first thing that he should do should be to tell the CIA and other counter-insurgent forces within the United States to release the serum which will negate the effects of the HIV/AIDS virus.

Adding to this - there should be a $5 trillion compensation fund. The family of every person infected by the vile actions of the United States should receive benefit. THE UNITED STATES MUST BE MADE TO PAY FOR WHAT IT HAS DONE TO DESTROY THESE PEOPLE!!!

All of the operatives within the United States government should be brought to justice. The same tribunal which tried and convicted all of the Bush cronies and sent Karl Rove, Dick Cheney and George W. Bush to jail for life should be used to inspect the actions of US government officials in regards to the creation of the HIV/AIDS virus.

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