Thursday, November 27, 2008

"Change Has COME"......And He Hasn't Even Taken Office Yet....

OK you'll have to work with me on the image that I saw because I didn't bother to ask the lady to let me take a picture of her t-shirt and I could not find another shirt with the same caption on the Internet.

So take this same picture shown here. Put the words "Obama OUR 44th President".

At the bottom imagine the caption "CHANGE HAS COME!!!"

Clearly in the mind of this woman and millions of others the 'CHANGE' that they have longed for came from the successful ELECTION of this one man more than their receipt of any particular set of benefits that are in line with their demands.

This is the great challenge that the Black community in particular will have to reconcile itself with. Where as after decades of advocacy to CHANGE the government with people who 'have their best interests in mind' they will operate in 2009 with a federal government dominated by their favored party. Add to this fact that many of the states that they live within and, most assuredly many of their city and county governments are populated with people that they favor. Despite this favorable arrangement their grievances remain.

Where as their previous disposition has been to "FIGHT THE POWER".....they are now THE POWER.

If you believe, however, that they are are going to continue FIGHTING AGAINST the power - you are sadly mistaken. They will continue to fight against the remnants of the IDEOLOGICAL OPPOSITION that remain to stand against them. Keep in mind that these representatives were sent to the legislature by the popular vote of the people in their district and they are simply doing the bidding of the majority.

The critical concept that the t-shirt wearers don't see to understand is that in the wake of their excitement and low threshold for appeasement......their critical demands, their PERMANENT INTERESTS remain unaddressed.

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