Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bush Commutes The Sentence Of A Rapper Convincted For Drug Dealing - Obama Will Have To Top This One!

The CIA switched his suitcase that was full of mix CDs for one filled with cocaine. Thus it is justice served for Bush to release Forte. I still hate Bush for all of the people that he killed in New Orleans though.

Obama is going to easily top Bush. He is going to CHANGE things by making 5 grams of powder cocaine worth a 25 year sentence while increasing CRACK's punishment from 5 grams up to 25 grams. Since CRACK is a Black drug bothers can increase their stash to 24.9 grams and not have to face the "Criminal Injustice System" at the federal level! Our communities will be strengthened as more of them remain free on our streets!!

Oh no. This might mean that John Forte will release a Bush Tribute song that tops that of Will I Am. I can't bear the thought of this one.

American presidents wield the powerful constitutional power to pardon or commute the prison sentences of any individual, but so far George W Bush has proven reluctant to absolve the boldfaced names seeking clemency from the US justice department.

Among the 14 pardons and two commutations released yesterday by the White House was John Forte, the Grammy award-winning hip-hop artist known for his collaborations with the Fugees. Forte had served about seven years of a 14-year sentence for transporting a suitcase filled with more than $1m worth of cocaine.

Forte had several powerful allies pressing the White House for a pardon, including Republican senator Orrin Hatch, who moonlights as a successful songwriter, and pop star Carly Simon, whose son was a classmate of Forte's at the elite prep school Philips Exeter. Bush and his father also both attended Exeter.

The most prominent pardon-seekers currently serving prison terms - Black, the former boss of the Daily Telegraph, and disgraced former congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham - did not make the list but remain eligible for a pardon until January 20, when Bush steps aside for Barack Obama.

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